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Ohoka Farmers Market

Ohoka Farmers Market

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About Us

Planted in picturesque Waikuku, New Zealand. Just north of Christchurch. Lavender Fields was initially planted in
1992 by Jim Curnow, when he was 70.
This makes it one of the earliest lavender farms in New Zealand. Angustifolia, Stoechas, and X Intermedia
were planted, with propagation and oil production in mind.

Jim’s daughter, Clare, and her husband Kevin have been involved
for much of this time, more extensively since 2010.

The still was commissioned in 1998. Clare has been manufacturing
her “Declare” range of products since 2011. These products all include Lavender Fields’
essential oils, and other carefully sourced oils and natural ingredients. No animal products,parabens, sulphates or petro-chemicals are used.

Jim, played an active role in Lavender Fields, especially in the
distillation of the quality award winning essential oils, until he passed away aged 92 November the 19th 2014.

Clare and Kevin are carrying on Jim’s legacy, running the farm
and distilling the highest quality oils.


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Come see us, wander the fields and visit our shop at

224 Waikuku Beach Rd
Waikuku 7473

Opening Hours:

Open 10.00am-4.00pm
Closed Tuesday

Open 10.00am-3.00pm
Closed Monday and Tuesday

Closed Christmas Day, Good Friday and Easter Sunday 

Phone: 03-312 7220

Please contact us if you wish to visit outside of opening hours.